/rō'tisǝrē/ 1. a cooking appliance with a rotating spit for roasting meat2. a restaurant specialized in roasting or barbecuing
origin of ROTISSERIE: French rotisserie, from Middle French Rotisserie, from rostir to roast.

first known use: circa 1920

now our story of the ROTISSERIE

Our Rotisserie is made by placing pieces of meat on a tall vertical spit in order to roast it. When ordered, the meat is sliced vertically in this, crisp shavings and served directly to you. We slice and stack our meat following original methods to give you the most natural and delicious flavors.

The concept for Twist and Grill came about when two chefs were hanging out one night trying to figure out how to elevate a common street food found around the world!!! They took the idea of the shawarma/gyro and have mixed it up to make a new TWIST.

The method of Twist and Grill!! First, select your foundation: fresh salad, rice or home made flat bread. Next comes the spitz: chicken, beef, pork, veggie. Finally, dress it up with one of our dressings, cheeses, spreads, vegetables and much, much more!!

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